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All students are expected to modify their life s犀利士
tyle according to School “Code of honour”.

  1. I will be a good Muslim and a Patriotic Pakistani.
  2. I will be excelling in my academic studies.
  3. I will be regular and punctual in attendance, class work and home work.
  4. I will neither copy in exams/test nor steal anything.
  5. I will always be neatly dressed up and keep my school and class clean.
  6. I will remain respectful and obedient to my parents, teachers & elders.
  7. I will always be cooperative and helpful to others.
  8. I will be honest, forthright and will never tell a lie.
  9. I will neither deceive nor speak ill of others.
  10. I have joined school to learn and will leave to serve my nation.

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