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Aims of School

  • To create a happy and caring school environment in which the children learn that courtesy, good manners and consideration for others are valued qualities.
  • To develop helpful learning attitudes and useful learning skills to increase the child’s knowledge and understanding with continuity and progression.
  • To motivate children to learn and read fluently and accurately. And to promote an urge for reading and open doors to the written world for them.
  • To teach the children to communicate effectively, both in spoken and written English, for a variety of purposes, with an appropriate emphasis on handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • To develop a knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical operations and the ability to apply these appropriately.
  • To encourage scientific curiosity and to improve the children’s skills and knowledge in science and technology, and to further develop their use of information technology throughout the curriculum.
  • To create an awareness of the world around us, through social, historical, geographical and scientific studies.
  • To let children use their energies positively through physical activities and games.
  • To develop an awareness of “Religion of Peace”, Islamic beliefs and moral values.
  • To nurture creativity in children through the help of supportive environment.
  • To promote equal opportunities for everyone regardless of caste, creed, race or ability.
  • To promote close liaison with parents and the local community.
  • To help children find and polish their natural skills.