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Our goal is to help our students set academic and personal goals, which will help them to make a productive adulthood.
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Welcome to New Generation's School System!

We understand the importance of quality education in Pakistan. Thus, there is a dire need for understanding the philosophy of modern education. The young boys & girls of the school are, thus, provided with full opportunity to acquire knowledge. Our main emphasis is on academic excellence, character building and communication skills. Results achieved in all these spheres give us satisfaction that we are striving in the right direction.

We always guide & teach with loyalty. Therefore exam’s “Question Papers” are made by higher management & Kept top secret.

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Code Of Honour

All students are expected to modify their life style according to School “Code of honour”.
  • I will be a good Muslim and a Patriotic Pakistani.
  • I will be excelling in my academic studies.
  • I will be regular and punctual in attendance, class work and home work.
  • I will neither copy in exams/test nor steal anything.
  • I will always be neatly dressed up and keep my school and class clean.
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