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Montessori System


(Pre-Primary 2017-2018 Session)

Montessori System > Fees Structure

‘Admission Age’ by 1st April 2017

2 ½ Years Age Class > Montessori (Play Group)
3+ Years Age Class > Montessori (Junior)
4+ Years Age Class > Montessori (Senior)
Registration/Prospectus/Test Charges Rs.600/=
Admission Fee Rs.6,000/=
Security Deposit


(Refundable. On minimum 4 years Course completion/after Grade-1)
Total Rs.11,600/=
Monthly Tuition Fee Payable every month Rs. 3,000/=
G. Total Rs. 14,600/=


  1. Books & Stationary to be bought from school’s “Book Shop”.
  2. Uniform to be bought from “GHANI’S SONS” Tariq Road/Shaheed-e-Millat Corner.
  3. Once-a-Year “Annual + Exams’ Fee” Rs. 3,000/= is payable before August in each class.
  4. All Payments should be made in the Bank through FEE VOUCHERS issued by the school before due date, after 10th of the month 10% late fee will be charged.
  5. Minimum 10% increase in the “Fee” is must at the start of new session/class.
  6. Any Fee once Paid, is not refundable or transferable due to any reason.
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